Title: Island (Float Away)
Artist: Starting Line, The


The Starting Line - Island (Float Away)

2 years ago on Jun 3, 12 - 416 notes

Anonymous whispered,
If you could pick a theme song for you and Charlie what would it be?

Hmm. Island (Float Away) By The Starting Line. I heard it a long time ago, and ever since I met him, that same tune has been playing through my head.

2 years ago on Jun 3, 12 - 1 notes

Anonymous whispered,
Are you ever scared that Ethan will come back? I would totes be if I were you I mean he tried to steal your baby and hang your boyfriend and stuff! Damn you've been through a lot and still stayed amazing.

Sometimes I lose sleep cause I fear he will come back. But.. let’s just hope he doesn’t.

2 years ago on Jun 3, 12

pmsandagun-deactivated20130429 whispered,
Hey, I probably never got to know you well, but we have a lot in common I guess. I'd like to see Aaron sometime when everyone is off my back and Jack and Locke stop arguing like little teenagers. Always wanted a kid, he's lucky to have someone like you as his mother.

Thank you. I adore Aaron. and sure, you’re always welcome to come and see him.

2 years ago on Jun 3, 12

iambloodydriveshaft whispered,
How are you, luv? You look positively ravishing on this morning. Do you, I don't know, wanna do something? I mean you don't have to but Des volunteered to look after him if we wanted some alone time, maybe you wanna go for a picnic, a stroll or just be alone. What do you say?

I’d really like that, Charlie.

I’m good. I miss you.

2 years ago on May 28, 12 - 2 notes

Anonymous whispered,
You are one lucky gurl. I wish i was with charlie. I am VERY jealous. But i still love you.

I am pretty lucky, aren’t I?

2 years ago on May 28, 12

Anonymous whispered,
OMG I love you so much, you're so cute! I kinda wish you would have been my mom

2 years ago on May 28, 12

Alright Turnip Head, now you take care of your mum while I’m away, okay? I love you.

2 years ago on May 28, 12 - 1919 notes

You’re perfect, darling.

2 years ago on May 25, 12 - 38 notes